Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Most Popular Questions.

  • What is Efiko?Open or Close

    Efiko is a mobile learning and self-assessment platform designed for secondary school students.
    Efiko is a proudly Nigerian solution, developed to solve the problem of mass failure among Nigerian students!

    Efiko is presently the foremost mobile learning application for secondary school students in Nigeria. To date, over 15,800 students are using Efiko to learn in over 143 secondary schools across Nigeria.

    Major features of Efiko includes randomized timed quizzes, instant scoring and ranking with a leader-board (enabling students to see how they rank against their peers), topic-based learning and standardized content (tutorials), average topical and subject performance, social media integration and geographical mapping.

  • How do I access Efiko?Open or Close

    In order to give as many students as possible access to the Efiko learning platform, Efiko is available in the following format: Mobile Web Students can access Efiko from any internet- enabled mobile phones and tablets by simply visiting The mobile site is optimized for internet- enabled mobile phones and tablets (of any type). Efiko App for Nokia PhonesEfiko App for Nokia devices is available on Nokia Ovi App Store for free download. Efiko Android App You want use Efiko on your android phone? Simply download Efiko for free from Google Play App store Efiko Blackberry App Efiko is also available as native Blackberry App. To access Efiko for Blackberry, download Efiko App on Blackberry Appworld and start enjoying the app. It is free!

  • How Much Does Efiko App Cost?Open or Close

    Efiko is free to download. However normal operator data charges or internet access fees may apply.

  • Is It Only For Secondary School Students?Open or Close

    For now, yes. As we expand, we hope to add content for other school levels. Watch out for Efiko for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to practise Computer Based Test (CBT) and Efiko for Junior secondary school students.

  • What is Efiko Secondary Challenge?Open or Close

    Efiko Secondary School Challenge is a periodic national competition designed to promote academic excellence among secondary school students in Nigeria. Students register on the platform and answer short quizzes in different subjects. The quizzes are topical, curriculum based and are specifically designed for Nigerian students. Season 1 of the challenge was launched on February 1, 2013 and ended on July 31, 2013. The challenge was supported by Nokia Nigeria, Samsung Nigeria. Watch out for another season of Efiko Challenge.

  • What are the objectives Efiko Secondary Challenge?Open or Close

    The objectives of Efiko Senior Secondary Challenge are:
    1. To promote and reward academic excellence among secondary students in Nigeria.
    2. To engender peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and sharing of relevant knowledge and information among school students.
    3. Promote adoption of mobile learning by secondary school students in Nigeria.

  • I am a student and I am Interested In Efiko Challenge, How Do I Join?Open or Close

    1. To join the Efiko Secondary School Challenge download Efiko app from the following app store: Efiko Android app from Google Play, Efiko for Blackberry from BB appworld, Efiko for Samsung from Samsung Apps store, Efiko for Nokia from Ovi Store or go to using your mobile phone browser.
    2. For new user, register (with a valid phone number, username, correct school name, etc).
    3. Take a test.
    4. Submit test (to get instant feedback with score and rank).
    5. Take as many test as possible per month to be among the top ranked and get high cumulative score.

  • Is Efiko Secondary Challenge only for School Students?Open or Close

    Yes, the Efiko Secondary School Challenge is only open to Senior Secondary students, in public and private Secondary Schools in Nigeria. Efiko Challenge for junior secondary school will soon be launched.

  • I Now Have Access to Efiko, What Next?Open or Close

    All you need to do is register on Efiko, take a test, and submit your score. Remember, it’s the highest score, in the least time and the students that played Efiko the most that count.

  • How Many Times Can I Take A Test?Open or Close

    You can take a test as many times as you want, but for your latest score to count for the month, you must submit it on or before the last day of that month.

  • What Subjects are Available on Efiko?Open or Close

    There are 7 subjects currently available on Efiko: Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Economics, Biology, Commerce and Government.

  • I am a corporate organisation. Can I sponsor the challenge?Open or Close

    Yes. Sponsorship of Efiko Secondary Challenge is open to corporate organisation. Kindly email to express your sponsorship interest.