So what is Efiko?

Efiko is a mobile self testing platform designed for secondary school student.

In the Beginning

Efiko ( is an interactive social testing and learning platform that enables learners to take curriculum-based tutorials and tests on their mobile devices. The short tutorials and quizzes, based on the Nigerian national academic curriculum at the secondary level, are designed to stimulate and personalize the learning experience outside of school. The project was developed through CcHUB’s Tech-In-Education Program which addresses the need for personalization and mass individualization of learning tools. Efiko was initially tested in 8 schools in Surulere, Mainland, Apapa and Yaba area (Lagos State) between Nov 5 – Dec 19, 2012 with the support of stakeholders in the education sector: students, schools management (principals), teachers and state education administrators (from Lagos Education District IV)

So what is Efiko?

The app is aimed at maximizing the use of mobile devices to:

Engage students in rich, compelling learning experiences that develop deeper knowledge and skill development especially problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills and;

Enable students to reach their potential through increased access to educational resources that extend learning beyond the capacities or limitations of their school or community;

Empower secondary school students to take responsibility for their own educational outcomes and explore new knowledge freely.

Efiko Key Features Include:

  • Topical based learning with tutorials: Students learn as they are taught according to the National Curriculum.
  • Instant scoring and ranking with a leader-board: Students are challenged to do better when they see their current scores and ranks as well as that of their peers.
  • Social based learning: Peer-to-peer engagement makes learning fun for students. Students can challenge each other on social media to become top student in different subjects. Students can also invite friends and challenge friends to take same quiz.
  • Recognition and incentives: Top performing students on Efiko are rewarded with different prizes like mobile phones, textbooks and displaying of pictures.
  • Standardized content: This is especially important for students in schools with shortage of teachers in certain subjects.
  • Geographical mapping: Tied to the leader board, students can see where top students go to school
  • Distribution across multiple platform for easy accessibility: Mobile web ( for all internet-enabled mobile devices, Native Android App (on Google play), Native Blackberry App and Nokia J2ME App (on Nokia’s Ovi Store)
  • Covers Senior Secondary Classes i.e. SS1, SS2, SS3
  • Student scoreboard containing quiz history, average topical and subject performance etc
  • School and State ranking to encourage top performing schools and their teachers.
  • Service is free for students to download and use.

Our Platform

Efiko app is available on multiple platforms such as mobile webNokia Ovi Store , Efiko for Android on Google Play Store and Efiko for Blackberry

Where Do I Come In?

The Efiko App is designed to address common challenges students in Africa face. Some of these challenges include shortage of teachers, inadequate infrastructure and non-personalised learning which is mostly due to overcrowded classrooms.

With Efiko, students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and at any time, thus turning their weaknesses into strengths. To get started download Efiko or visit the FAQs page to find out more.