Inspires Learning

Efiko inspires self-learning by engaging students to take charge of their own learning and celebrate their successes.

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Self Assessment

Efiko is a mobile social quiz platform designed to enhance learning through self-assessment.

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Solution for Students

Designed to promote and reward academic excellence among secondary school students in Nigeria.

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Meet Students Using Efiko all Over Nigeria


Efiko has helped me in many ways. For example in Mathematics, Algebra was a big turn off for me but when I started playing Efiko, I started studying Maths text books and I started understanding the topic more and more and thanks to Efiko, I now understand algebra well.

Adenike, (Student, Lagos State)

Today is one of my happiest day to day, over 70% of Efiko question comes out in my Commerce exam today am glad, GOD BLESS EFIKO

Tella Oluwasegun (Student, Ogun State)

Efiko has really helped me in subjects like Mathematics and Physics. By playing Efiko, I have been outstanding in all these above subjects. Thank you Efiko!

Ikechukwu Ngwu (Student, Lagos State)